Welcome to our company

The main purpose of the company is to provide engineering services and to manufacture instrumentation and data acquisition systems especially for the environmental and maritime sector. The founders of Hydra Solutions are two engineers with more than 15 years of experience as project manager and project engineer in medium and large scale projects related to the design, implementation and maintenance of oceanographic instrumentation networks adopting acoustic, radio and satellite communication segments.

Hydra Solutions is composed by three main divisions:
• System Engineering Division
• Process Control Division
• Instrumentation Division

Instrumentation Division


The Instrumentation Division has in charge the design and development of innovative instrumented unit. The target of this division is to provide reliable solutions for general and specific monitoring applications proposed by offshore industry, scientific, military and government institutions.

System Engineering Division


System Engineering Division is able to analyse, identify and propose a solution related to mechanical, electrical/electronic and software aspects.

Process Control Division


The Process Control Division is mainly involved in the design and development of automated systems for Industrial applications.